With rates at historic lows there might never be a better time to refinance and to save money on your mortgage payments, or even pull out some cash built up in the equity of your home. When it comes to refinancing your mortgage there is no one size fits all program. We want to help you educate yourself with all options available to you. Little changes in terms between your refinance options can end up costing your thousands of dollars. At Mountain Shadows Mortgage you’ll find that not only do we have access to most refinance programs, but the most competitive rates in Colorado Spring, Mountain Shadows or anywhere else in Colorado.
In the news you can’t stop hearing that interest rates are at record low levels but have you been wondering what that means to you and if it could lower your monthly mortgage payments? Please contact us, we can run the numbers to see if it makes sense for your situation. Your interest rate has a direct influence to how much you pay each month, so when you refinance to a lower rate you end up paying less each month. Like we mentioned before there isn’t a catch all refinance program that works for every situation, like each person’s situation is different, there are different refinance programs that work best for specific situations. We are your one stop shop to many refinance loan options, we offer conventional refinance program, and along with FHA refinance and VA refinance loan options. We’ll find our refinance options are some of the best you’ll find in Colorado Springs, Mountain Shadows or any of the surrounding communities.
Need some extra money to remodel your home to increase its value, pay off debts, pay for a child’s education, or just have some extra spending cash? Then a cash-out refinance could be the loan for you. A cash out refinance works if you’ve built enough equity in your home. If you’ve owned your home for awhile there is a good chance that you have built enough equity. Like all our loan programs we have some of the lowest rates available which means you get more cash.
Also if you’ve tried to refinance in the past, but you are currently underwater because your home value has gone down, there is a solution. The HARP 2.0 program was created to help people who have been affected by the housing bubble.
We created our Refinance Advisor for us to better assist our client with their refinance needs. Just take a couple minutes and let us know about your situation, it will help us put together some refinance programs that fit you best. That way it takes the guess work out of a refinance and you’ll clearly see first if a refinance is the right option for you, but most importantly which refinance program will save you the most money.

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