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If you are looking to purchase a home in Mountain Shadows then you’ve come to the right place. We are Mountain Shadows  Mortgage, our name says it all we are the experts of all the Mountain Shadows  home loan programs that are available. We have been in the community for years and have helped many people with their home loan needs. The home loan process can be confusing, there are so many people that say different things it can be tough to know what is accurate. We take pride in explaining to our clients all their options, so at that point they can see all their options in black and white. When you have all the information in front of you, you can be confident that you are making the best financial decision for you and your family. We know that purchasing a home is for most people the most important investment of their lives, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you make that decision to purchase a home.
Besides our knowledge of the lending industry we also work with many great lenders, which means we can shop around for you to find the most competitive rates you’ll find from any other Mountain Shadows lender. There are many factors when it comes to getting a rate quote with a conventional loan, that’s why it’s so important you work with someone who knows so you don’t have to spend anymore then you need to. Differences in just a tenth of percentage can end up costing you thousands of dollars more a year. Homes in Mountain Shadows tend to be higher priced then what you’d find in other areas of Colorado Springs, so if you are looking to purchase a home that is over $417,000 you will need a jumbo loan. Conforming loan limits are set to $417,000 by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. You will find that we also have some of the best jumbo loan rates anywhere in Mountain Shadows. Again why would you want to pay more for the same home if you don’t have to?
Beyond traditional loan programs we also offer government loan programs that tend to be easier to qualify for then conventional loans. These are great home loan programs for anyone who has had trouble qualifying or generating enough money for a down payment with conventional loan programs. Two such government loan programs that are available for Mountain Shadows are FHA and VA loans. FHA loans are a program that anyone can qualify for, and just has a 3.5% down payment along with looser financing requirements. While the VA loan is a loan program for anyone that’s a veteran or active duty, that lets you purchase a home with no money down. These are also great programs for 1st time home buyers as well. These programs really do make owning a home easier and we’ve helped people who didn’t think they could afford a home, be able to purchase a home because of these programs.
Contact us today if you’ve been looking to buy a home in Mountain Shadows we are the mortgage experts here. We can take a look at your situation and tailor a loan program that will have a great competitive rate, and puts you in your dream home for less then you might think. Please use our Purchase Assistant to get started.

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